Welcome to BBB Southeast Florida! We’re happy that you are here with us today! As you may know, we are a professional business consultancy firm that’s got your back. It is our goal that you be able to build a solid business of your own. When our business is all about your business, it is quite important that we have the knowledge and resource to back that up.

Through the years, we have had several resources that we make use of. They used to be things that you needed a subscription for. Nowadays, things are more accessible thanks to the internet. That being the way things are now, we’ve found the digital forms of the resources that we used to follow. We share them with you today:

Florida Department of State

florida department - Useful Resources

If establishing a business is something that you want to do, this is one resource that you will want to know what is involved in terms of requirements and forms. This is a resource that you will want to visit a lot during that period in your business planning. They have a section that is all about frequently asked questions.

Business Observer

business observer - Useful Resources

If you’re going to be diving into the world of business in Florida, it would be important to keep track of relevant news in the sphere of finances and economics. This publication is pretty useful in helping to connect their readers with up to date information.

We are always on the look out for more resources. If you’ve got some, share them with us and we’ll add them here.