Welcome to BBB Southeast Florida! We’re happy that you are here with us today! As you may know, we are a professional business consultancy firm that’s got your back. It is our goal that you be able to build a solid business of your own. If you’re wondering how we can help you achieve that, here are some of our services:

Full Account Handling

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Often it’s not really that hard to start a business; it’s keeping it running that can be extremely taxing (both literally and metaphorically). We can help you by providing you with a full account handling. We can have people come in and help to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business. We can provide you with a much needed outsider’s point of view to determine where your systems are causing losses.

Feasibility Study

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When it’s not the business as a whole that needs to be looked at, it can just be particular projects or undertakings that may need a bit of help. We can help you by building feasibility studies on your behalf. These include market analysis, trend projections, and even detailed planning for methodology and application.

It is our goal to provide you with all the material that you need to secure the results that you want. Our services are tailored in order to give you just that. Mind you, there are only a few of our services. If you want a comprehensive list, get in touch with us through 417-733-7911.