about bbb - About UsWhen it comes to building a good business, you must always consider several things: location, timing, funding, and the competition. When you’re completely new to an area, it can be difficult to find your bearings at first. It can even be the cause of massive losses even before you open the doors of your business.

So what can help you avoid all of that?
Reaching out for help, of course!

Welcome to BBB Southeast Florida! We are a professional business consultancy firm that’s got your back. It is our goal that you be able to build a solid business of your own. We started our business several decades ago. Mr. Erickson’s elders settled in Palm Beach and have always been a sort of pillar to the community.

They have a knack for giving helpful advice regarding new ventures. Eventually, one of the family decided that if you’re actually good at something, it would be foolish to do it for free. That’s how the business first came to be. Now, they earn a tidy living and still do what they do best: helping out newer businesses find their footing in the Florida economical landscape. We hope that you join us on this journey.